Book Title : Reader s Notebook Advanced

reader s notebook advanced

Release Date : 2011-11
ISBN Code : 032504287X
Book Author : Irene C. Fountas
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 440

Book Summary :

View the Independent Writing Within, Beyond and About Texts Webinar Now there are three distinct Reader's Notebooks to help students grades K through 8 become better readers through writing. New! Reader's Notebook: Primary (recommended for Grades K-2) Reader's Notebook (recommended for Grades 2-4) Reader's Notebook: Advanced (recommended for Grades 4-8) Here's an engaging way to improve your students' reading comprehension and to encourage them to write their thoughts about what they've read. It is also an excellent assessment tool for documenting reading achievement over time in a reading workshop that includes independent reading, guided reading, and genre study. Fountas & Pinnell Reader's Notebooks: Advanced are 8.5x11 spiral notebooks, similar to what students use every day, but specially designed to promote reflection and dialogue about reading. As described in the authors' best-selling Guiding Readers and Writers, Grades 3-6, the Reader's Notebook is practical and easy to use. In it, students transform traditional book reports into active dialogues. The notebook becomes a personal storehouse of students' thoughts and feelings and a place to access them for later review, reflection, and sharing. It is also a way for teachers to systematically assess students' responses to the texts they are reading independently. Used throughout the academic year, the notebook serves as a continual record of one reader's book list, interests and reading responses. Students may write in longhand, make charts or quick sketches, or glue in their writings produced on the computer. The Reader's Notebook: Advanced also contains many different resources for writing about reading. It is organized into easy-to-use, color-coded tabbed sections. The Reader's Notebook: Advanced is also available in 25 packs

Book Title : Guiding Readers Through Non Fiction

guiding readers through non fiction

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : 9781553791249
Book Author : Dave Leochko
Book Publisher : Portage & Main Press
Total Pages : 180

Book Summary :

Written for grades 4-8 teachers and students, Guiding Readers Through Non-Fiction is an easy-to-use resource. It provides essential background information on the nature of non-fiction and how to use non-fiction in small guided reading groups. The book is filled with many ready-to-use student handouts, graphc organizers, rubrics, assessment checklists, and planning guidelines.In this resource, you will find: - teaching suggestions and strategies to help students engage with various forms of non-fiction - necessary information for implementing guided-reading practices in the classroom - effective strategies to incorporate successful small-group instruction in the classroom - plans and suggestions for structuring the guided reading lesson and much more

Book Title : Synchronizing Success

synchronizing success

Release Date : 2008
ISBN Code : 9781571107435
Book Author : Maren Koepf
Book Publisher : Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages : 174

Book Summary :

"The book shows how school leaders can create a comprehensive literacy system throughout schools and across districts by aligning change components with a vision for literacy education. Enriched with tools, tips, and planning guides for incrementally managing positive change, Synchronizing Success provides literacy specialists, principals, and staff developers the resources and action steps necessary for designing an integrated literacy system tailor fit to their school setting."--BOOK JACKET.

Book Title : Motivating Every Student in Literacy

motivating every student in literacy

Release Date : 2014-01-09
ISBN Code : 9781317923091
Book Author : Sandra Athans
Book Publisher : Routledge
Total Pages : 176

Book Summary :

Motivation and literacy go hand in hand in this practical book of strategies for classroom teachers. It provides effective tips and tools to motivate and grasp the attention of even the most reluctant readers. With numerous classroom examples, case studies, and blackline masters, this book will help you to boost motivation and literacy in your classroom right away. Motivating Every Student in Literacy (Including the Highly Unmotivated!), Grades 3-6 provides an effective model for improving reading levels and increasing motivation. Under the guidance of Athans and Devine, classroom leaders develop their own Motivation Improvement Action Plans, where small-group instruction, end-of-unit assessments, and other practical approaches work to increase individual student effort. Woven throughout are process-driven and novelty strategies to address possible reasons for a child’s lack of motivation. In this guide, you’ll find illuminating case studies, quick-reference chapter summaries, reproducible student plans and contracts, and action plan tips.

Book Title : Supporting Reading in Grades 6 12 A Guide

supporting reading in grades 6 12 a guide

Release Date : 2012-06-11
ISBN Code : 9781598848045
Book Author : Sybil M. Farwell
Book Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Total Pages : 358

Book Summary :

This book presents a curricular framework for students grades 6–12 that school librarians and teachers can use collaboratively to enhance reading skill development, promote literature appreciation, and motivate young people to incorporate reading into their lives, beyond the required schoolwork. • More than 100 lessons and activities from the Web as well as print sources correlated to the components of the curriculum • An annual calendar of READS activities for secondary schools • A bibliography including dozens of resources for student use and on professional topics • A glossary of key terms used in libraries and classrooms • A useful index offering access to instructional concepts, strategies, programs, and resources • A READS curriculum chart for grades 6 through 12

Book Title : Literacy Assessment and Intervention for Classroom Teachers

literacy assessment and intervention for classroom teachers

Release Date : 2017-07-05
ISBN Code : 9781351614092
Book Author : Beverly DeVries
Book Publisher : Taylor & Francis
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

The fourth edition of this comprehensive resource helps future and practicing teachers recognize and assess literacy problems, while providing practical, effective intervention strategies to help every student succeed. The author thoroughly explores the major components of literacy, providing an overview of pertinent research, suggested methods and tools for diagnosis and assessment, intervention strategies and activities, and technology applications to increase students' skills. Discussions throughout focus on the needs of English learners, offering appropriate instructional strategies and tailored teaching ideas to help both teachers and their students. Several valuable appendices include assessment tools, instructions and visuals for creating and implementing the book's more than 150 instructional strategies and activities, and other resources.

Book Title : Teaching Literacy in Third Grade

teaching literacy in third grade

Release Date : 2007
ISBN Code : 9781593853594
Book Author : Janice F. Almasi
Book Publisher : Guilford Press
Total Pages : 176

Book Summary :

Provides ideas and activities to assist third graders in building fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing.

Book Title : Becoming a Literacy Leader

becoming a literacy leader

Release Date : 2006-01-01
ISBN Code : 9781571104199
Book Author : Jennifer Allen
Book Publisher : Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages : 174

Book Summary :

Becoming a Literacy Leader chronicles the work of Jennifer Allen, an elementary teacher who moved to a new school and a new job as a literacy specialist, and found herself tackling everything from teacher study groups to state-mandated assessment plans. The book is rooted in Jennifer's belief that teachers know what they need when it comes to professional development in literacy, and the best literacy leaders are those who listen to and respect the educators in their midst. Grounded in research but thoroughly practical, Jennifer shares advice on: organizing a literacy room with resources for classroom teachers, including book lists, bins of children's books tied to craft and strategy lessons, bulletin board ideas, and files with instructional materials; developing intervention classrooms for struggling readers and writers built on collaboration between teachers and literacy specialists; setting up assessment notebooks for teachers, and preparing new and veteran teachers for student assessments across grades; creating model programs for dealing with schoolwide problems like reading fluency, and then moving from the pilot to implementation in many classrooms; coaching new and veteran teachers in the latest literacy practices, without taking on the role of expert; analyzing and using books, videos and journals in professional development programs; infusing routine staff meetings with discussions of new literacy curricula; leading teacher study groups using a variety of formats; finding and budgeting money for professional development programs in literacy; protecting time and scheduling priorities, to ensure the literacy specialist position doesn't become a “catch-all” for the random needs of teachers or administrators. At a time when all administrators are urged to be literacy leaders, this insider's view helps to define what leadership looks like and shows how to create an environment that fosters professional development. Jennifer Allen shares the balance leaders struggle with, as they strive to support and honor the fine practices of teachers, even as they nudge colleagues to improve their literacy instruction. Ultimately, Becoming a Literacy Leader is a hopeful book, an optimistic and realistic portrait of life in schools among teachers committed to doing their jobs well.

Book Title : Good Choice

good choice

Release Date : 2009
ISBN Code : 9781571107329
Book Author : Tony Stead
Book Publisher : Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages : 237

Book Summary :

For those of us who treasure memories of a childhood spent curled up with favorite books, it may be shocking to realize that reading is a chore for many of our students. In recent years, the increased class time spent on reading instruction geared toward measurable performance -- from tests to book reports -- means fewer children have the opportunity to discover reading for pleasure, or to research topics that interest them. If we want children to become truly engaged readers, we must set aside time every day for them to independently select, read, and respond. Of course, just providing time and a variety of reading materials isn't adequate to ensure that students achieve the independence they need to become lifelong readers. Students need guidance on selecting materials at an appropriate level, they need practice in the habits of readers, and they need the social reinforcement of sharing ideas about their reading with peers. In Good Choice!, noted author and literacy specialist Tony Stead outlines the components that foster successful independent reading in grades K-6. He examines practices that: establish independent reading and borrowing routines; provide adequate resources for independent reading; support children in selecting a wide range of appropriate texts; offer opportunities for children to respond to their reading. With examples appropriate to emergent readers in grades K-2, as well as more seasoned readers in grades 3-6, Tony provides a comprehensive plan for integrating independent reading throughout the day. He offers systems for organizing the class library and checking books in and out, lessons on book selection and responding to text, advice on supporting children and parents in home reading, guidance on conferring with students, and an array of helpful appendix materials including graphic organizers, questionnaires, assessment and monitoring rubrics. Research shows that children who have the opportunity to read independently not only become more literate adults, they also, in fact, perform better on state tests and other reading assessments. Good Choice! provides everything you need to create classrooms where students can fulfill their reading potential now and for the future.

Book Title : The Cornerstones to Early Literacy

the cornerstones to early literacy

Release Date : 2010
ISBN Code : 9781551382579
Book Author : Katherine Luongo-Orlando
Book Publisher : Pembroke Publishers Limited
Total Pages : 168

Book Summary :

How can we build a strong literacy foundation for children? This book appreciates that learning and language development start with the play episodes, oral language practices, wordplay activities, print encounters, reading events, and writing experiences that children engage in during the early years of life. Filled with rich language activities, The Cornerstones to Early Literacy shows teachers how to create active learning experiences that are essential to building early literacy. This comprehensive handbook is organized around the following topics: Play Experiences - Understanding the early stages of learning and all aspects of the play-literacy connection ; Oral Language - Supporting opportunities for child talk with suggested conversation starters and events that involve personal timelines and storytelling ; Language Awareness and Word Play - Creating a balanced approach to language learning using games and activities that involve literature, music, choral speaking, sound games, and more ; Print Encounters - Discovering, reproducing, and creating all forms of environmental print ; Reading Events - Integrating read-aloud and shared book experiences with proven strategies for supporting and observing young readers ; Writing Experiences - Identifying early writing characteristics and techniques for moving children along in their writing.

Book Title : Still Learning to Read

still learning to read

Release Date : 2016-08-28
ISBN Code : 9781625310262
Book Author : Franki Sibberson
Book Publisher : Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages :

Book Summary :

Foreword by Colby Sharp In the decade since the first edition of Still Learning to Read was published, the prevalence of testing and the Common Core State Standards have changed what is expected of both teachers and students. The new edition of Still Learning to Read focuses on the needs of students in grades 3-6 in all aspects of reading workshop, including reading workshop, read-aloud, classroom design, digital tools, fiction, nonfiction, and close reading. The book stays true to its original beliefs of slowing down and knowing our readers, but it also takes into account the sense of urgency that changing times and standards impose on classrooms. This edition examines current trends in literacy, includes a new section on intentional instructional planning, and provides expanded examples of mini-lessons and routines that promote deeper thinking about learning. It also includes a brand new chapter on scaffolding for reading nonfiction and showcases the authors' latest thinking on close reading and text complexity. Online videos provide glimpses into classrooms as students make book choices, work in small groups, and discuss their reading notebooks. Expanded and updated book lists, recommendations for digital tools, lesson cycles, and sections specifically written for school leaders round out this foundational resource.

Book Title : Planning for Successful Reading and Writing Instruction in K 2

planning for successful reading and writing instruction in k 2

Release Date : 2003-03-01
ISBN Code : 0439365937
Book Author : Antoinette Cerulli Fornshell
Book Publisher : Scholastic Inc.
Total Pages : 128

Book Summary :

In this one-of-a-kind resource, a seasoned educator guides primary teachers through planning and managing a cohesive, balanced literacy program. She begins by asking them to consider district requirements, national standards, and our individual goals. From there, she demonstrates how to map out plans for each month, week, and day. Chocked full of organizational tips, sample plans, and model lessons, this book will make teachers feel empowered and in control. For use with Grades K-2.

Book Title : Readers Writing

readers writing

Release Date : 2014-10-14
ISBN Code : 9781571108432
Book Author : Elizabeth Hale
Book Publisher : Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages : 208

Book Summary :

When faced with a blank page in their readers' notebooks, students often fall back on what is familiar: summarizing. Despite our best efforts to model through comprehension strategies what good readers do, many students struggle to transfer this knowledge and make it their own when writing independently about books. In Readers Writing, Elizabeth Hale offers ninety-one practical lessons that show teachers how students of all ability levels can use readers' notebooks to think critically, on their own, one step at a time. Each of the lessons uses a fiction or nonfiction book to address a comprehension strategy--questioning, connecting, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, visualizing, or monitoring--by showing students one specific way they can write about their thinking. Each lesson also provides an example of how to model the strategy. All of the lessons follow a similar format with five components--Name It, Why Do It?, Model It, Try It, and Share It--and include time for students to actively process what they learn by talking about and trying out the strategy in their readers' notebooks. Elizabeth also provides suggestions for supporting student independence, managing independent writing time, scaffolding comprehension of nonfiction texts as well as assessing and conferencing with readers' notebooks. Helpful appendices include a table that illustrates how each lesson aligns with the Common Core State Standards and a list of additional titles that can be used to demonstrate each of the ninety-one lessons. Readers Writing gives teachers a way to engage all children with readers' notebooks, to learn the language of thinking, one strategy at a time, and to become lifelong readers who can think and write critically on their own.

Book Title : Guided Math Daily Math Stretches Levels 6 8

guided math daily math stretches levels 6 8

Release Date : 2011-01-01
ISBN Code : 9781425894122
Book Author : Lanney Sammons
Book Publisher : Teacher Created Materials
Total Pages : 192

Book Summary :

Take an in-depth look at math stretches warm-ups that get students in grades 6-8 thinking about math and ready for instruction! Written by Guided Math author, Laney Sammons, this resource is correlated to the Common Core and features step-by-step lessons, assessment information, and a snapshot of what the warm-ups look like in the classroom. Digital resources are also included and feature management tips, classroom set-up tips, interactive whiteboard files for each stretch, and more!

Book Title : Practice with Purpose

practice with purpose

Release Date : 2005-01-01
ISBN Code : 9781571103956
Book Author : Debbie Diller
Book Publisher : Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages : 217

Book Summary :

Shows teachers how to establish and manage literacy learning centers, small areas of the classroom that contain supplies allowing for self-directed learning.

Book Title : One Child at a Time

one child at a time

Release Date : 2006-01-01
ISBN Code : 9781571104342
Book Author : Pat Johnson
Book Publisher : Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages : 198

Book Summary :

A literacy specialist and consultant outlines a four-step process to to help teachers focus on specific behaviors and needs and design targeted instruction to assist a wide range of learners.

Book Title : Word Savvy

word savvy

Release Date : 2004-01-01
ISBN Code : 9781571103666
Book Author : Max Brand
Book Publisher : Stenhouse Publishers
Total Pages : 182

Book Summary :

Building on the experiences gained in her own language arts classroom as well as those of colleagues in different disciplines, Cris Tovani, author of I Read It, but I Don't Get It, takes on the challenge of helping students apply reading comprehension strategies in my subject. In Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?, Cris shows how teachers can expand on their content expertise to provide instruction students need to understand specific technical and narrative texts.

Book Title : Teaching with the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts Grades 3 5

teaching with the common core standards for english language arts grades 3 5

Release Date : 2012-11-29
ISBN Code : 9781462507955
Book Author : Lesley Mandel Morrow
Book Publisher : Guilford Press
Total Pages : 268

Book Summary :

Nearly every state has independently adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), making this practical guide an indispensable resource for grades 3-5 teachers and teachers-in-training. Leading authorities explain each of the English language arts (ELA) standards and vividly show how to implement them. The book is filled with grade-specific classroom vignettes, instructional strategies and activities, sample lesson plans, and discussion questions. Chapters cover the major ELA strands: reading (literature, informational texts, and foundational skills); writing; speaking and listening; and language. Issues of assessment and technology integration are also explored. An appendix includes thematic units for each grade level demonstrating ways to embed CCSS/ELA standards into content-area instruction. See also Teaching with the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts, PreK-2.

Book Title : Literacy Assessment Helping Teachers Plan Instruction

literacy assessment helping teachers plan instruction

Release Date : 2010-01-01
ISBN Code : 9781111791728
Book Author : J. David Cooper
Book Publisher : Cengage Learning
Total Pages : 528

Book Summary :

This popular resource distinguishes itself by placing literacy assessment within the context of mainstream classroom reading instruction. Using developmental reading stages as a framework, LITERACY ASSESSMENT puts teachers' instructional needs at its core and considers assessment as a natural part of the instructional cycle. The authors' mission is to show that, with appropriate instruction, success in literacy development is achievable for every student. By presenting the right balance of concept and demonstration, along with a dynamic, positive outlook on learning in both children and teachers, this book equips teachers to help children reach their potential. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.