Book Title : Immigrants and Innovative Law

immigrants and innovative law

Release Date : 2014-07-15
ISBN Code : 3161528352
Book Author : Mark A. Awabdy
Book Publisher : Mohr Siebeck
Total Pages : 310

Book Summary :

Mark A. Awabdy provides a nuanced and extensive understanding of the noun (ger, engl. immigrant) in the book of Deuteronomy (D). He argues that a precise reconstruction of the historical referents of D's ger is impossible and has led scholars to misread or overlook literary, theological, and sociological determinants. By analyzing D's ger texts and contexts, evidence emerges for: the non-Israelite and non-Judahite origins of D's ger; the distinction between the ger in D's prologue-epilogue and legal core; and the different meanings and origins of D's "ger -in-Egypt" and "ebed -in-Egypt" formulae. Awabdy further contends that D's revision of Exodus' Decalogue and Covenant Code and independence from H reveal D's tendencies to accommodate the ger and interface the ger with YHWH's redemption of Israel. He concludes by defining how D integrates the ger into the community of YHWH's people.

Book Title : The New Urban Immigrant Workforce

the new urban immigrant workforce

Release Date : 2005-01-01
ISBN Code : 0765615339
Book Author : Sarumathi Jayaraman
Book Publisher : M.E. Sharpe
Total Pages : 168

Book Summary :

Provides tangible evidence of immigrants' eagerness for collective action and organizing. A useful text for labor-relations and immigrant studies, this book takes into account the debates in the fields of labor studies, urban studies, sociology, and political science.

Book Title : In the Child s Best Interest

in the child s best interest

Release Date : 2010-10
ISBN Code : 9781437934687
Book Author : Jonathan Baum
Book Publisher : DIANE Publishing
Total Pages : 19

Book Summary :

Congress is considering a comprehensive overhaul of the nation¿s immigration laws more than a decade after the enactment of strict immigration measures. Current U.S. immigration laws mandate deportation of lawful permanent resident (LPR) parents of thousands of U.S. citizen children, without providing these parents an opportunity to challenge their forced separations. Through a multi-disciplinary analysis, this policy brief examines the experiences of U.S. citizen children impacted by the forced deportation of their LPR parents and proposes ways to reform U.S. law consistent with domestic and international standards aimed to improve the lives of children. Charts and tables.

Book Title : Violence Against Latina Immigrants

violence against latina immigrants

Release Date : 2010-06-01
ISBN Code : 0814788262
Book Author : Roberta Villalon
Book Publisher : NYU Press
Total Pages : 226

Book Summary :

Caught between violent partners and the bureaucratic complications of the US Immigration system, many immigrant women are particularly vulnerable to abuse. For two years, Roberta Villalón volunteered at a nonprofit group that offers free legal services to mostly undocumented immigrants who had been victims of abuse. Her innovative study of Latina survivors of domestic violence explores the complexities at the intersection of immigration, citizenship, and violence, and shows how inequality is perpetuated even through the well-intentioned delivery of vital services. Through archival research, participant observation, and personal interviews, Violence Against Latina Immigrants provides insight into the many obstacles faced by battered immigrant women of color, bringing their stories and voices to the fore. Ultimately, Villalón proposes an active policy advocacy agenda and suggests possible changes to gender violence-based immigration laws, revealing the complexities of the lives of Latina immigrants as they confront issues of citizenship, gender violence, and social inequalities.

Book Title : Immigration and the Law

immigration and the law

Release Date : 1999
ISBN Code : STANFORD:36105028553589
Book Author : Bill Ong Hing
Book Publisher : Abc-Clio Incorporated
Total Pages : 400

Book Summary :

Introduces and defines terminology used by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, covering the penalties and provisions of the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act.

Book Title : Legal Pluralism in Action

legal pluralism in action

Release Date : 2014-07-28
ISBN Code : 9781472422088
Book Author : Dr Latif Tas
Book Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Total Pages : 222

Book Summary :

This book contributes to, and refocuses, public debates about the incorporation of plural approaches into the English legal system by examining a secular method of dispute resolution practised by the Kurdish Peace Committee in London. The pluralistic approach is seen by Kurdish communities in the UK as widely applicable elsewhere, and in a possible future Kurdish state, as a practical solution to the challenges of a pluralistic life. The book provides a substantive evidence base, using extensive ethnographic data, and examines detailed case studies in the context of the customs and practices of the Kurdish community.

Book Title : Homesteads ungovernable

homesteads ungovernable

Release Date : 2001
ISBN Code : STANFORD:36105110167249
Book Author : Mark McNeese Carroll
Book Publisher : Univ of Texas Pr
Total Pages : 244

Book Summary :

When he settled in Mexican Texas in 1832 and began courting Anna Raguet, Sam Houston had been separated from his Tennessee wife Eliza Allen for three years, while having already married and divorced his Cherokee wife Tiana and at least two other Indian "wives" during the interval. Houston's political enemies derided these marital irregularities, but in fact Houston's legal and extralegal marriages hardly set him apart from many other Texas men at a time when illicit and unstable unions were common in the yet-to-be-formed Lone Star State.In this book, Mark Carroll draws on legal and social history to trace the evolution of sexual, family, and racial-caste relations in the most turbulent polity on the southern frontier during the antebellum period (1823-1860). He finds that the marriages of settlers in Texas were typically born of economic necessity and that, with few white women available, Anglo men frequently partnered with Native American, Tejano, and black women. While identifying a multicultural array of gender roles that combined with law and frontier disorder to destabilize the marriages of homesteaders, he also reveals how harsh living conditions, land policies, and property rules prompted settling spouses to cooperate for survival and mutual economic gain. Of equal importance, he reveals how evolving Texas law reinforced the substantial autonomy of Anglo women and provided them material rewards, even as it ensured that cross-racial sexual relationships and their reproductive consequences comported with slavery and a regime that dispossessed and subordinated free blacks, Native Americans, and Tejanos.

Book Title : Joe s Law

joe s law

Release Date : 2008-05-29
ISBN Code : 0814401996
Book Author : Joe ARPAIO
Book Publisher : AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
Total Pages : 272

Book Summary :

Outspoken, no-nonsense, and eminently fascinating, Joseph M. Arpaio captured the public's imagination from his first day as sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, in 1992. He has become an icon, not only in his own state, but all over the world. For 15 years, he has maintained an unprecedented 80% approval rating. Famous for his “get smart and get tough” approach to jails, “Sheriff Joe,” as he is universally known, conceived The Tent City Jail where he houses his inmates in surplus army tents left over from the Korean War. Known as the “Alcatraz of Arizona,” the jail features chain gangs and stringent discipline. By eliminating all comforts for his inmates, he has managed to shave $500,000 annually from the cost of keeping prisoners. But he also offers a wide range of educational and therapeutic courses for inmates. To his ardent followers, he is a hero for both his toughness on crime and his sense of humanity. While his opponents decry him for his iron-fisted approach, no one can deny that Sheriff Joe is one of the country's most respected elected officials. Joe's Law is an uncensored look by “America's Toughest Sheriff” at some of the most important and difficult issues facing America today. As the first law enforcement official in the country to arrest illegal immigrants, Arpaio tackles illegal immigration head on—how it intertwines with drug trafficking, taxes, and crime, and how it impacts healthcare and education as well. Arpaio offers innovative and fair ways to solve this dilemma and many others, not only in his own state but throughout the country. Compelling and courageous, this is a candid take on some of America's most pressing social problems, and one man's revolutionary vision for eliminating them.

Book Title : Immigration and American Unionism

immigration and american unionism

Release Date : 2001
ISBN Code : 0801487102
Book Author : Vernon M. Briggs
Book Publisher : Cornell University Press
Total Pages : 213

Book Summary :

Briggs explores the close relationship between immigration and employment trends beginning in the 1780s. Combining the history of labor and of immigration, he establishes that over time unionism has thrived when the numbers of newcomers have decreased, and faltered when those figures have risen. Briggs argues that the labor movement cannot be revived unless the following steps are taken: immigration levels are reduced, admission categories changed, labor law reformed, and the enforcement of labor protection standards at the worksite enhanced.

Book Title : Reform of Legal Immigration

reform of legal immigration

Release Date : 1989
ISBN Code : LOC:00183878931
Book Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees, and International Law
Book Publisher :
Total Pages : 622

Book Summary :

Book Title : Beyond the Gateway

beyond the gateway

Release Date : 2005-01-01
ISBN Code : 0739106368
Book Author : Elzbieta M. Gozdziak
Book Publisher : Lexington Books
Total Pages : 302

Book Summary :

A small but growing number of immigrants today are moving into new settlement areas, such as Winchester, Va., Greensboro, N.C., and Salt Lake City, Utah, that lack a tradition of accepting newcomers. Just as the process is difficult and distressing for the immigrants, it is likewise a significant cause of stress for the regions in which they settle. Long homogeneous communities experience overnight changes in their populations and in the demands placed on schools, housing, law enforcement, social services, and other aspects of infrastructure. Institutions have not been well prepared to cope. Local governments have not had any significant experience with newcomers and nongovernmental organizations have been overburdened or simply nonexistent. There has been a substantial amount of discussion about these new settlement areas during the past decade, but relatively little systematic examination of the effects of immigration or the policy and programmatic responses to it. New Immigrant Communities is the first effort to bridge the gaps in communication not only between the immigrants and the institutions with which they interact, but also among diverse communities across the United States dealing with the same stresses but ignorant of each others' responses, whether successes or failures.

Book Title : Guarding the Golden Door

guarding the golden door

Release Date : 2005-01-12
ISBN Code : 9781466806856
Book Author : Roger Daniels
Book Publisher : Hill and Wang
Total Pages : 344

Book Summary :

As renowned historian Roger Daniels shows in this brilliant new work, America's inconsistent, often illogical, and always cumbersome immigration policy has profoundly affected our recent past. The federal government's efforts to pick and choose among the multitude of immigrants seeking to enter the United States began with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Conceived in ignorance and falsely presented to the public, it had undreamt of consequences, and this pattern has been rarely deviated from since. Immigration policy in Daniels' skilled hands shows Americans at their best and worst, from the nativist violence that forced Theodore Roosevelt's 1907 "gentlemen's agreement" with Japan to the generous refugee policies adopted after World War Two and throughout the Cold War. And in a conclusion drawn from today's headlines, Daniels makes clear how far ignorance, partisan politics, and unintended consequences have overtaken immigration policy during the current administration's War on Terror. Irreverent, deeply informed, and authoritative, Guarding the Golden Door presents an unforgettable interpretation of modern American history.

Book Title : Domestic Violence

domestic violence

Release Date : 2010-06-01
ISBN Code : 9780231521376
Book Author : Lettie L Lockhart
Book Publisher : Columbia University Press
Total Pages : 456

Book Summary :

In Domestic Violence: Intersectionality and Culturally Competent Practice, experts working with twelve unique groups of domestic abuse survivors provide the latest research on their populations and use a case study approach to demonstrate culturally sensitive intervention strategies. Chapters focus on African Americans, Native Americans, Latinas, Asian and Pacific Island communities, persons with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, women in later life, LGBT survivors, and military families. They address domestic violence in rural environments and among teens, as well as the role of religion in shaping attitudes and behavior. Lettie L. Lockhart and Fran S. Danis are editors of the Council of Social Work Education's popular teaching modules on domestic violence and founding co-chairs of the CSWE symposium on violence against women and children. In their introduction, they provide a thorough overview of intersectionality, culturally competent practice, and domestic violence and basic practice strategies, such as universal screening, risk assessment, and safety planning. They follow with collaborative chapters on specific populations demonstrating the value of generalist social work practice, including developing respectful relationships that define issues from the survivor's perspective; collecting and assessing data; setting goals and contracting; identifying culturally specific interventions; implementing culturally appropriate courses of action; participating in community-level strategies; and advocating for improved policies and funding at local, state, and federal levels. Featuring resources applicable to both practitioners and clients, Domestic Violence forms an effective tool for analysis and action.